Accounting & Bookkeeping Services – What you need to know

As the business grows, you may need someone to assist you from the initial set up to the ongoing review of relevant accounting and record keeping systems.

Regardless of your company’s size and transaction volume, all startups and established business understand the necessity to keep track of financial figures. That is exactly the scope of work of accounting and bookkeeping services.

Definition of accounting and bookkeeping Accounting involves the tracking process of 2 important financial elements: income and expenses. An accountant is the one who fulfills the accounting tasks, responsible for providing strategic financial advice/ solutions while closely keeping track of the company’s financial situation. Bookkeeping involves the process of keeping records of 2 important elements, which are financial transactions and financial statements preparation. There are a lot of documentation regarding financial statements, most notably income statements and balance sheets. On a day to day basis, the responsibility of the bookkeeper is to make sure that all invoices and expenses are correctly filled by employees. In addition, a bookkeeper would make sure payroll is handled on time.

For clients who are wondering whether they can handle the tasks by their team or need to outsource the services to another company, S4B Vietnam will show you in-depth about our accounting and bookkeeping services.

Firstly, business owners need to acknowledge the fact that hiring a competent accountant/ bookkeeper is not easy at all. They must be experts in their field to help you (who are likely to be far from professional in accounting/ financial filed) to prepare for audits, tax planning as well as coming up with appropriate business financial analysis and advice.

For some small company, an accountant can complete both accounting and bookkeeping tasks. However, it is highly advised that you have more than one individual to take care of accounting and bookkeeping task separately. Another choice is to outsource a competent accounting company to help you ease the burden.

Check out below for S4B Vietnam’s accounting and bookkeeping services. With our bookkeeping services, we maintain the top priority of keeping clear business records. We present the reports in a way that business owner can easily understand the current financial situation as well as prevent making costly (or in worse case – illegal) errors. Your business is closely monitored and your sources of income are clearly identified.

There are a lot of reports that a bookkeeper should do and with S4B Vietnam’s accounting and bookkeeping services, all of them will be kept accurately and orderly. They are records regarding payroll and employment taxes, bank statements, profit and loss statement, expenses, sales and profits…

Additionally, we provide tax planning and audit services as optional services in our accounting and bookkeeping services package. Tax planning and filling is crucial to make sure the tax compliance tasks are correctly handled. It will help business to reduce filing errors as well as to prevent unwanted audits. Our assigned accountant can help you save a lot of money with tax planning. Our qualified accountant always keeps himself updated with the latest tax code and regulations. Therefore, we can strategically advise you on how much your company needs to put aside beforehand.

Our auditing services are important to help banks and investors to understand the company’s financial position, determining the risk before investment. Therefore, the rightness of the audit report is of great importance. To prevent your business from getting “the bad audit”, simply outsource the service for competent accounting firms such as S4B Vietnam.