Bookkeeping & Payroll Services of S4B

Bookkeeping and payroll services are two of the functions that can be provided externally from a third party to a business and they are often the optimal financial solutions for small and medium sizes organizations.

Bookkeeping is a common task which is done manually on the papers by which, all financial transactions are recorded and handed over the accounting department. Unlike accounting, bookkeeping is not responsible for analyzing the company’s assets as well as decision making or dealing with laws and regulations, tax declaration and statements.

In simple words, bookkeeping can be related as documenting all the purchases onto the paper, even the smallest one. The more details the journals are noted, the more effective the accounting works will be. These journals are further transferred into ledgers which are essential for accountants to monitor the company’s financial status. Therefore, bookkeeping and accounting are usually mistakenly seen as one service and often assign to the same individual or department – accounting.

Each corporation depending on its operating size and how it wants to manage the monetary source can opt for specific bookkeeping assistance, it is either the inner section the company owns and runs itself or the outside service the company hides and pays per task completion.

Another important task of any business is payroll services. It involves multi-tasking process composed by consulting, managing and monthly payment for company’s staff. Since having a department and facilities responsible for payroll can be problem for small and medium businesses, payroll services are accounted for another party along with bookkeeping. As consequence, there are benefits carrying together including:

– Time and money savings as there are no need of maintenance fees for the staff and facilities in charge of these assignments.

– All documents, declarations and statements related to payroll, journals, ledgers, tax declarations and statements are covered and done in time, hence, the company is able to spend its valuable sources on professional goals or targets.

Smart Solutions for Business Limited Company or S4B is one of the outstanding organizations available in Vietnamese market which has gained itself more than 10 years of experience. It is well prepared with extensive practiced team of accountants and experts that offer high standard and effective bookkeeping and payroll services.

S4B gives a package of assistance including Monthly bookkeeping services, Payment assistance services and Preparation of Financial Statements for the registered fiscal year in compliance with VAS (Value-added Services).

In term of bookkeeping services, it is monitored through professional software that helps better storage the transactional information, hence, it is easy to be looked up when a problem emerges or in need to contact to suppliers or clients. It uses double entry system that allows to record all the required data of the transactions by using fundamental principles of accounting.

Regarding Payment assistance services, S4B brings about payroll services that cover payroll process, files and taxes, reports, etc. In details, this will calculate staff’s payment each term in consideration of shifts differences, overtime, holiday pay and taxes, etc. Employees’ files and taxes reports are done quarterly. In a long run, the company also provides a detail report about labor and wage expenses that can reflect the effectiveness of how the client’s business is running.

Hence, S4B is a smart choice for any enterprises when it comes to bookkeeping and payroll services