Business license registration of S4B

Any business or individual who wants to do business legally in Vietnam needs to apply for a business license. However, the busy work and the lack of understanding of the procedures for applying for a business license have caused many difficulties for many people. At this point you will need the professional business license service of S4B. We promise that all your problems will be solved in the fastest time with the most economical cost.

Services for business license registration of S4B

Currently, there are 2 types of business licenses that customers can apply for:

– Certificate of business registration
– Individual household business license

In addition, S4B provides other business license services such as:

– Service of changing business license;-
– Service of making food hygiene and safety permits;
– Service of setting up foreign language centers;
– Publication of functional foods, cosmetic announcements, food announcements;
– Service of applying for an international travel business license;
– Service of applying for a domestic travel business license;
– Service of applying for a fire prevention and fighting license;
– School establishment services at all levels: Establishing preschools, establishing primary schools, secondary schools, and high schools
– Service of applying for a vocational training license;
– Service of applying for a license to study abroad counseling center;
– Service of applying for work permits for foreigners;
– Service of applying for investment certificate to establish a company with 100% foreign capital;
– Service of applying for business license of motels, hotels, karaoke;
– Accounting services, Tax reporting services, Dissolution services.

The things S4b will do when customers use our business license service:

When using S4b’s business license registration service, we will prepare documents and documents on behalf of customers as well as complete the procedures. Specifically, the jobs that s4b does are as follows: – Drafting business registration documents – Submit business registration documents to the Department of Planning and Investment – Fill in the business registration information on the national portal – Engrave the company seal and publicize the seal sample in accordance with regulations and time. In particular, during the business process of customers, S4B will always accompany, follow up and promptly advise all legal information related to operations, documents, ..

Why should you use the business license registration service at S4B

S4b was established in 2007. Our team of consultants are of high experience in their fields or practice and have relevant qualifications that could provide effective solutions to clients.

Our commitment:

1. Cheap, all-inclusive cost and no additional costs
2. Receive information and complete the application quickly within 120 minutes;
3. The committee delivers quickly and on time right after the Department of Planning and Investment issues the business license;
4. Handing over the business license and seal to the customer
5. Free consultation on legal issues before establishment such as type of establishment, business code, charter capital, conditions for applying for a business license, etc. for each customer;
6. Free advice on tax issues, in order to optimize the amount of tax payable while still complying with regulations.

Contact S4B

We are here to answer any question you may you have about our compliance service. Reach out to us and we will respond you as soon as we can.

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