Everywhere in the world, especially in Vietnam, the issue of corporate income tax is a complicated area of taxation to both authorities and business.

Below are some reasons for the complexity of corporate income tax in Vietnam. This is the main motivation for business owners to outsource corporate income tax compliance services from trustworthy providers such as S4B Vietnam: Constant change in tax law and legislation:  Business owner is hard to catch up with frequent changes and updated  Many resources are required for tax adjustment  Consequent uncertainty due to lacking expertise and knowledge  Not correct interpretation and varying, inconsistent treatment The complexity of taxation documentation  Enhanced focus on the compliance of Vietnam Accounting System  Enhanced focus on inspection of compliance obligations adherence Stricter tax authority’s requirement  Requirement of frequent rotation of tax audit teams.  Lacking sufficient relationships for tax audit management  Past tax audit treatments are no longer applicable in future audits. Tough penalties are introduced  Many types of penalties are applied.  Lacking clear differentiation of tax evasion and innocent errors.  Penalties and interest amount can be quite expensive.  Critical implication on legal and valid documentation. With all the above mentioned reasons, both domestic and multi-national firms doing business in Vietnam are subjected to an increasing number of tax rules, more and more burdensome enforcement, continuous staffing constraints. Corporate Income Tax compliance is, indeed, one of the most challenging taxation are in Vietnam market. Corporate income tax compliance service at S4B Vietnam Our team of experts at S4B Vietnam can help you with the preparation and review of your company’s yearly CIT and returns of transfer pricing. Our corporate income tax compliance services can be customized to suit each company’s business situation and budget. We provide many packages with detailed planning to allow fixed or flexible fees based on the plan you choose. Our corporate income tax compliance service has been used by various clients due to the value for money and high consistency level of service throughout the assignment term. Enjoy the benefit of S4B Vietnam’s CIT compliance service  Dedicated support on the CIT compliance issue at your company in a timely and cost-effective way.  Providing assistance indicating how to make tax savings  Giving notice on areas where CIT exposure can happen  Guiding innovative ways to innovate CIT tax documentation task  Freeing resources to focus on other areas of business  Minimizing the tax risk your organization may face  Direct and indirect support of tax and legal professional team with over 10 years of tax advisory experience in the country. At S4B Vietnam, our corporate income tax compliance service is designed with subject matter competencies, locally and globally integrated experiences and prompt, standardized process. Our seamless, high-quality, transparent services can be delivered in the form of a full suit, coordinated services or tailored made services according to your requirements. Feel free to contact us via hotline or email for a free initial consulting service.