International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are global accounting standards which were passed and managed by the International Accounting Standard Board (IASB), regulating the way financial reports should be prepared and presented. Based on IFRS, Vietnam has developed Vietnamese Accounting Standards (VAS). However, there are unavoidably some notable differences between the two.

Specifically, the government of Vietnam has issued 26 VAS on IFRS’s basis. After that, the Ministry of Finance issued Circulars, No. 200/2014/TT-BTC and No. 202/2014/TT-BTC with the aim to reinforce the financial statements’ transparency and comparability. By applying general international standards, Vietnam system of accounting are brought closer to the global system.

As suggested by specialists from S4B Vietnam, the accounting and financial department at company should pay attention to key differences between VAS and IFRS. Three critical elements include presentation scope, terminology and applied methods.

Vietnamese Accounting Standards (VAS) include basic accounting guides, requirements and principles in order to run the business in the country. Elements of the company’s financial statements including balance sheet, cash flow and income statement are clearly prescribed in VAS.

Under Vietnam law, both local and foreign firms operating in Vietnam are bound to comply with VAS. Therefore, it is required that foreign investors have insights and knowledge of VAS’s fundamental characteristics in order to make correct investment decision while maintaining compliance requirements.

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With the comprehension of VAS, your accounting personnel can:

– Have an understanding of Vietnamese accounting and auditing standards system

– Correct preparation of organizational financial statements

– Studying national requirements in accounting to adapt to the working environment

– Differentiating the differences between local and global accounting standards

– Eliminating the risks of misunderstanding and uncertainty of local framework

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