In Vietnam companies, the Chief Accountant is an individual who is responsible for the process of reviewing, approval and singing accounting the company’s vouchers and documents. According to the Law, a qualified Chief Accountant holding international/national Certificate of Chief Accountant is required to fulfill the accounting task at company level. Another option is to appoint a chief accountant service provider such as S4B Vietnam which provides trusted professional services to businesses.

Due to the importance of the Chief Accountant role, the position is held in high regard in Vietnam. Therefore, it is highly required that business owner appoint someone who is proved to be competent, trustworthy and able to understand the business situation. The high qualify Chief accountant service at S4B Vietnam will provide you with the best candidate suitable with your business’s scale and budget. The Chief Accountant’s responsibilities For local firms, it is common that all companies are requested to appoint a Chief Accountant to take care of all areas of accounting and taxation functions. In term of foreign firms, the concept may be difficult to understand. Read through the articles to know more about the responsibilities of Chief Accountant. Simply speaking, the Chief Accountant should hold an official certificate issued by the Ministry of Finance. In terms of the actual experience background and qualifications, in can vary greatly in the reality according to each candidate. In fact, just holding a qualified certificate does not necessarily indicate the professional performance as a Chief Accountant. The first and foremost responsibility of the Chief Accountant is to supervise and sign off all required documents of the General Ledger, Vouchers, filling all General Ledger entries. In addition, the role of Chief Accountant also includes the tasks regarding VAT invoices and all taxation compliance. The Chief Accountant service provides the pine line to connect the tax office and the company by fulfilling all other compliances and obligations. Finding a competent and trustworthy Chief Accountant is one of the key factor to determine a company’s financial health. Although the general responsibility of the finance and taxation functions has been attributed for the Chief Accountant, it is the final signature of the General Director or Legal Representative of an organization to determine the validity of the documents. Therefore, if any error documents have been signed without notice, the legal implications will be attributed to the business owner, not the Chief Accountant. Below is the list of tasks provided by S4B Vietnam’s Chief Accountant Services: – Frequent accounting reports (monthly, quarterly) – Taxation and audits – Controlling of office expenses – Dealing with subsidiaries – Dealing with multiple currencies, specifications, procedures, processes With the Chief Accountant service at S4B Vietnam, you can rest assured that your Chief Accountant has authorized professional qualifications and experience background to guarantee the best performance for your business. Our staffs all acquire bachelor or Master degree in Accounting/ Auditing/ Finance filed and has at least 5 years working experience as senior accountant. Another strength of our service is the ability to understand of the legal obligations and company conditions to provide the most appropriate financial solutions.