As a business entity operating in Vietnam, it is higly advised that you pay full attention to the issue of tax compliance in the country due to the two main following reasons

– The rapid changes in tax legislation as well as in the tax authorities’ activities. – Diffent directions in the way that the legislation and practices develop at the same time. Therefore, many tax payers have found themselves in great difficulty to ensure that their business activities and reporting meet with all the legal requirement. As a result, they are at the risk to experience consequent costs and resources to amend the negligence and wrongdoings of tax compliance. S4B Vietnam proudly provide to all companies operting in Vietnam. with a full package of Tax Compliance Serivces. These services are offered in accompanion with many other well reputed services regarding tax dispute and tax planning. Our tax team locating in Vietnam, mixing of experienced talents from foreign and Vietnamese laywers and economists will be your great partner in the country. One of the most significant characteristics that differentiate our agency from other tax services provider is our forward-thinking approach. Not only will we work side by side with you, we also help business leaders to change the way organizations perceive about the fax function, thus enhancing the ability to control risk and make better decision regarding the issue of tax complance. We are leading in applying high intelligent technology in to accounting and finance practices, using modern tools of corporate compliance and analytics which are tailor-designed to meet specific requirements. Due to the frequent changes in local tax law and interpretations, it is getting more and more complicated to fulfill all the required tax compliance in Vietnam. However, we all now that the cost of failing to do so is considerable in terms of both finance and reputation risks. Our tax team consisting of multi-disciplinary experts can help your business with this issue regardless of the nature size of your organization. No where can you find such in-depth understanding in local market, update with latest regulatory and state of the art tax technology. S4B Vietnam is confident to help your business totally transform your tax function and compliance process. As a result, it will no longer be your headache issue, but on the other hand becoming a strategic business asset. Our talent resources are positively backed by the proven, streamlined approach, thus allowing companies to achieve more with less worries in tax problems. As a result, your executive team can have more time to focus on other business priorities and strategies. If your business is experience one of the following problems, contact with S4B Vietnam right now for a complete solutions regarding your tax, accounting and financial issues: • Wanting to optimize your tax position? • Lacking knowledge about being compliant with current tax regulations? • Struggling to meet the deadlines for documents fillings with local tax authority? • Needing a confirmation on your organization’s tax position due to the current ambiguous regulations? • Needing comprehensive review and opinions from tax experts?