The trend of top labor outsourcing companies in Vietnam is getting popular

Human resource outsourcing (HR Outsourcing) is a service performed in the form of hiring an  experienced third-party in the field of human resources to replace the business to undertake related execution tasks such as: labor contract procedures, calculation of monthly salary payment, registration of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance, calculation of personal income tax and tax refund, personal income tax, tax finalization.  Labor outsourcing services will then send detailed information back to the business owner. In today article, S4B Vietnam will presents to readers the advantages of labor outsourcing service in Vietnam and how to get approached to top companies in HR manager jobs.

What is Labor Outsourcing Service?

1.  Overview about labor outsourcing services

Labor outsourcing or Hr manager jobs in Vietnam currently exist in three forms. The first and foremost form is labor legalization, or in other word, employment service. In this service, enterprises are responsible for recruiting candidates according to job requirements and asking the Service Company to sign a labor contract and manage all personnel for this force.

The second service is employing labor, factory workers or staffing service to replace office workers during maternity leave or when the company has short-term projects. Both cases are temporarily hired. And the final form is service leasing or service providing, which includes leasing, training, managing employees and taking responsibility for the business results and work results of these employees.

2.  Labor outsourcing services are becoming a new trend recently for foreign business

Labor outsourcing services has emerged as a significant trend in the modern global landscape, driven by several factors and developments. This trend has gained momentum due to various economic, technological, and organizational changes that have shaped the business environment.

2.1 The huge benefit that enterprise can receive from labor outsourcing services

By embracing this trend, businesses can access a global talent pool, drive innovation, enhance efficiency, and remain competitive in today’s dynamic marketplace.

2.1.1 Cut the cost

Temporary staff will be provided when businesses need it. For example, temporary staff and technicians will be added to support new projects or to handle an unexpected order during a particular time of the year. Because temporary employees work for a top labor outsourcing companies in Vietnam, the business will not have to pay benefits or handle unemployment claims. Usually, the percentage of wages payable to outsourced personnel includes legal fees such as social security fees, costs for medical benefits, vacations, and paid leave.

2.1.2 Risk reduction

Most labor outsourcing service in vietnam offer a variety of options, in which case businesses can let candidates try a job before committing to take on that person. Before making a final decision, candidates will work at the business for a period of time without making a hiring commitment until the business is sure it’s the right person. Using temporary staff during busy times will reduce stress and prevent fatigue and overwhelm for other employees, it will also help reduce absenteeism and claims from workers.

2.1.3 Increased flexibility

Adding additional staff when needed can handle fluctuations in workload, helping to avoid excess or shortage of staff in different time periods. The number of employees that can be managed matches the productivity norms of the whole year. In addition, letting temporary employees handle routine business functions helps the rest of the company’s employees focus on what’s important. For example, temporary employees from Hr manager jobs in vietnam can answer phones or schedule meetings while management can focus on insurance claims and payments.

2.1.4 Save time

The administrative burdens related to human resource management can take up a lot of time and costs. By transferring those tasks to Hr manager jobs in vietnam, businesses can optimize and take advantage of human resources. internally to focus on the core value of its core business. We have the expertise to manage administrative functions from search and selection, payroll, benefits and PIT, to the whole business of managing employee contributions to enterprise.

2.2 What should enterprises consider when using labor outsourcing service in Vietnam?

2.2.1 Conducting Comprehensive Research for Developing Regulations on HR Models Outsourcing

In order to develop comprehensive regulations on HR models outsourced in the region, it is crucial to conduct thorough research on both the advantages and disadvantages of labor outsourcing service models. Policymakers have the responsibility to safeguard the rights of workers while simultaneously ensuring the competitiveness and flexibility of human resources. This flexibility plays a significant role in attracting foreign investment capital to Vietnam on a national scale, thus contributing to the well-being of families.

Understanding outsourcing services will benefit enterprise a lot in saving cost and resources

2.2.2 Supervision of Labor Hire Companies to Prevent Violations of Labor Laws

To prevent widespread violations of labor laws that may adversely impact employees, appropriate measures must be implemented to supervise labor hire companies. First, it is believed that recognizing the significance of outsourced labor services in today’s world is essential. This association can collaborate with the International Outsourcing Association to learn from their experiences regarding service models, processes, and general regulations. By doing so, the quality of outsourced labor services in the Vietnamese market can be significantly improved.

2.2.3 Enhancing Legal Provisions to Safeguard Employee Rights and Foster Competitiveness in the Industry

In order to devise effective regulations, it is crucial to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of top labor outsourcing companies in Vietnam. Legislators play a pivotal role in enhancing the existing legal provisions to safeguard the rights of employees, while simultaneously fostering competitiveness within the industry. This, in turn, contributes to the attraction of foreign investment capital to Vietnam. To ensure the proper implementation of these regulations, it is imperative to establish appropriate monitoring measures. Through diligent oversight, labor hire companies can be held accountable, thereby preventing widespread violations of labor laws that could potentially harm the interests of workers.

In today’s fiercely competitive business world, companies are facing unprecedented pressure from the market. Those that survive and thrive in the market are the ones that know how to do business. Labor outsourcing services will help you do business in a more efficient way than the competition – reducing the cost of doing business while ensuring the high quality of the goods or services. One of the top labor outsourcing companies in Vietnam, S4B, a dedicated team of experts with extensive experience in Accounting and Tax Compliance services in Vietnam, is ready to provide you with professional support. We are here to assist and guide you through the entire process of meeting your business and financial requirements.

If you have any questions regarding labour outsourcing service, please contact S4B Vietnam for detailed answers!


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