It is undoubtedly time-consuming and head-aching to perform the task of accounting and bookkeeping in Vietnam market due to the constantly changes in the area of compliance. Even for long-established global organization and well-versed investment within the country, it is not easy to find competent human resources to handle accounting and bookkeeping tasks. The shifts in regulations, changes in current legislation while converging with international norms had led to many obstacles, arising significant costs for business owners.

For many organizations, outsourcing a credible, well-known agency to fulfill all the jobs regarding accounting and bookkeeping is a wise and cost effective choice. As a leading company in the accounting and financial market, S4B Vietnam offer the following services with the best quality you can ask for:

– Services on accounting and bookkeeping

– Setting up the system of accounting suitable for your organization

– Reviewing the input and output of documents to be aligned with the regulations

– Systematically classifying accounting and financial documents

– Suggesting suitable computer accounting software and training users

– Preparing and printing accounting books

– Appointing dedicated staff to take care of your business’s accounting activities

– Consulting all issues related to accounting, task and invoices

– Performing tax procedures, submitting tax documents, implementing initial procedures for tax declaration

– Building relationship with tax authority

– Notifying the amount of tax and deadline to pay

– Finalizing year-end financial report

At S4B Vietnam, we guarantee that your account will be professionally and precisely managed and checked by a qualified, experienced accountant. Our high quality in information management has positively differentiate us from other agencies in the crowd. Clients believe in our competence and choose us to solve their accounting and financial problems. It is our focus in delivering professional service, deep insight and reliable data that specifically target your business needs.

It is undeniable that adapting to the framework of Vietnam accounting can be a real challenge. However, by being updated with latest information on the accounting policies of Vietnam, you will find that the benefits can significantly surpass the disadvantages. A solid understanding of accounting framework in the country before entering the market is crucial to any global organizations that want to make profit in Vietnam. Furthermore, our teams consisting of both local and international specialists in finance and accounting will ensure that your accounting and bookkeeping tasks are managed under a robust systems of regulatory monitoring.

With the certificate of accounting practices as issued by Ministry of Finance, S4B Vietnam is here to help you, as a business owner, to have an overview of accounting regulation currently applied in Vietnam. After that, we provide step-by-step guidance on how to ensure compliance while doing business in the country. We outline the current Vietnamese accounting standards, highlighting the differences between Vietnam and international standards. Understanding the difficulty of foreign investors in Vietnam, S4B provides expert insights on common mistakes that a foreign company may make, advising on how to optimize the compliance process.

If you are interested in the accounting and booking services at S4B Vietnam, kindly contact us via email or telephone number. S4B can assist with our “One Stop” service, covering all areas of financial and accounting that your organization may need.