S4B Vietnam is confident to be one of the best accounting solutions providers in the country that thoroughly takes care of Vietnamese tax registration, statutory accounts preparation, financial filling, bookkeeping and consolidation. Our office located in Hanoi – the central of Hanoi administration body – can also help business owners in preparing management reporting documents. All of our works strictly comply with international accounting standards and Vietnamese governmental requirements.

Any international firm that is currently doing business or intend to do so must equip themselves with knowledge in accounting since the number of tax payments required annually reaches 30. According to the latest research conducted Doing Business, it takes more than 770 hours on average to complete all these requirements in Vietnam. This number is calculated to be four time higher than in OECD high income countries (approximately 177 hours). In Vietnam, the payments from tax make up nearly 40% of government revenue.

At S4B Vietnam, we are doing our best to ensure clients’ efficient and effective accounting, contributing to help forecast and solve investment and business issues. Our system will also notify clients about informal charges, which is particular for Vietnam. We are one-stop provider that can fully support all your accounting and financial needs while maintaining your tax compliance.

Below are some areas of services that our agency is currently offering:

General accounting services

• Setting up business accounting systems from the beginning

• Services on frequent bookkeeping and reporting

• Preparing and presenting financial statements which are fully in compliance with accounting practices and standards (International Financial Reporting Standards, Vietnamese Accounting Standards and Systems, other relevant generally-accepted principles in accounting)

• Services on providing chief accountant for business

• Services on assisting with bank account and management of payment

• Services on assisting with the process of invoice printing

• Services on legitimacy validating of invoices or receipts attached with payment requests and expense claims

Tax compliance services

• Services on declaration of business licensing tax yearly (regarding preparation and submitting)

• Services on declaration of value added tax (VAT) monthly and quarterly (regarding preparation and submitting)

• Services on estimation and declaration of corporate income tax (“CIT”) quarterly and yearly (regarding preparation and submitting)

• Services on reporting on related affiliates transactions

• Services on withholding tax (“WHT”) (regarding preparation and submitting)

• Services on promptly updating of tax legislation changes and notes

If you are having troubles finding professionals responsible for all the tasks of accounting, compliance, tax, treasury and audit, S4B Vietnam is perfect to acquire talent in financial control, business analysis business partnership and costing.

Since we focus on providing high quality services, our consultants are carefully recruited from professionals in accounting and finance at both regional and local level. Our experts will every niche area can offer you deep insights into the market.

S4B Vietnam is more than just your trusted accountants. We can help you with all issues regarding accounting and finance, thus driving your business toward optimized performance. Our agency supports you in compiling your accounts in the most cost effective and time efficient manner, making sure that your company meet your year-end deadlines.