Many small to medium-size enterprises as first and second tier suppliers are making prioritized investments into Vietnam. It is due to the fact that Vietnam reveals business potential for international companies, especially those which involved in a larger supply chain in order to provide goods and service in Asia region. Therefore, it is significantly important to understand the main taxes of Vietnam imposing on business, notably corporate income tax (CIT).

Overview about CIT in Vietnam

The General Department of Taxation, operating under the Ministry of Finance take general control over tax administration. Meanwhile, local provincial Tax Departments may also handle some specific Tax affairs.

There are four main common taxes that foreign investors are likely to be subject to: Foreign Contractor tax, Personal Income Tax, Value Added Tax, Corporate Income Tax. Some others tax may include Property Tax, Environmental Tax, Import and Export Duties, Environment Tax, Special Sales Tax…

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CIT is compulsory for a company/ tax resident if it has a permanent establishment in Vietnam, requiring the foreign company to pay tax on its worldwide income. Currently, the standard tax rate for CIT is 20%.

Our CIT declaration service advises companies on domestic and international tax laws involving local and global transactions, as well as other regulation. We have a team of specialists in the area of Corporate Income Tax and International Corporate Tax that can provide credible advice on foreign investment rules and specific industry-related regulatory requirements. Factors involving CIT such as corporate tax management, deductibility and incentives are clearly explained to our clients.

The imposition of penalties for non-compliance can lead to an increasing amount of management time and arising costs. Therefore, it is of great importance for business owner to have the right access to trusted advice in time to allow company to achieve tax compliance, thus controlling costs and eliminating tax risks.

Why choose CIT declaration service at S4B?

Our teams of professional tax advisors are organized based on business fields, allowing us to fully understand your demand and identify potential issues that your company may face. Our approach, which is industry focused, can help you with a complete solution covering a large area of corporate tax planning that is strictly complied with current law and requirement.

The significant strength that makes S4B stand out from other agencies in the market is the ability to maintain constructive and regular dialogue with the government and local administration in Vietnam. Therefore, we are confident to assist your company towards success in a timely and effective manner.

Below are some key services regarding corporate income tax (CIT):

– Service on tax compliance management

– Service on tax advisory and planning

– Service on making CIT declaration

– Service on CIT audit

When partnering with us, we listen and work closely with you in order to come up with a useful and practical solution base on a deep insight into your current tax issues. We understand both international and local tax requirements and have a networks of international and local resources to enable tax-effective business outcomes for your organizations.


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