Corporate Income Tax Finalization Services

Tax declaration and finalization have been troubles for many businesses, especially those small and medium size companies.

Corporate income tax is known as governmental charge on a company’s profit, thus, the business always aims at lowering the cost of taxes paid to the government as much as possible.

This corporate income tax had not been established yet before 1909, before then, individual income tax had been done to levy profits from the constitutions. In Vietnam, Corporate Income Tax Law was approved in 2008 and has been imposed since 2009 onwards.

In general, income tax finalization is hard documents of final reports and statements which corporation has to show to the tax inspectors whenever needed at the end of a period such as month or year and the payment will be made accordingly. Requirements and rates are varied among countries and very much depending on how the business’ accountants know the regulations and present market that they are living in.

In Vietnam, 25 per cent of the outcome profits – which is gross revenue minus expenses – will be charged for both domestic and foreign-invested enterprises. When finalizing this corporate income tax, the company can deduct all expenses paying on production or the activities supported by lawful invoices and documents.

Within the task of finalization, it is subdivided into multiple sessions that accountant needs to work with. Having said that, tax rates are specified into different categories ranging in various rates according to sale of goods, services without material supply, manufacturing, transportations and other activities. These calculations are required to be done within short period of times, hence, it can be very much liability if there are miscalculated.

As they are legally influenced by the law and businesses’ scale, small and medium sizes enterprises find them to be a burden of having tax accounting department for them own, they would rather opt for a third party whom can corporate with and help finalize income tax at the end of each terms.

Smart Solution for Business Company Limited or S4B is one of the accounting corporation in Vietnam which concentrates its services on foreign-invested establishment.

Opting for tax solutions provided S4B, the partners will have a package of tax performance done by well-experienced, expertized group of accountants including

– Business License Tax declaration and payment

– Monthly/Quarterly Value Added Tax declaration and payment

– Quarterly/Annual Corporate Income Tax declaration and payment

– Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Personal Income Tax declaration and payment

– Foreign Contractor Withholding Tax declaration and payment

In the market of opening to foreign-invested industry, Vietnam is attracting more and more enterprises to capitalize their investments. To develop a sturdy basement for sustainable growth, proper designs of payment processing and taxing procedures are essential elements. For that reason, S4B stands out among the other accounting businesses that it is able to satisfy most of newly requests a recent setting company needed.

Not only mention that S4B can gratify the taxing documents, it is also flexible enough to modify the services as per requests and specific situations of each corporation. It is particularly time- and money-saving for small and medium size companies which are not yet developed their own accounting departments.


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