Employer of record service

Using international labor is becoming a current trend and now with the employer of record service, businesses will have one more flexible, effective and legal HR solution.

With 15-year experience in providing human resources, possessing many quality personnel records and a deep understanding of the law as well as the Vietnamese labor market, S4B’s employer of record service is proud of providing the most useful and practical advice and solutions in line with customer needs.

Outstanding employer of record service of S4B

S4b Vietnam is a partner who can set your business on a global growth path. We operate as a third-party company that has been given the contract for employee management, which includes administrative operations, payroll management, taxes, insurance and benefits, visa applications, and others.

– Labor contract handling
– Monthly Payroll
– Personal income tax, statutory insurance and trade union contribution
– Voluntary personal accidents and medical insurance
– Annual leave record
– Other EOR tasks if required

Benefits of using S4B’s EOR service

– Businesses expand rapidly to the market

Our employer of record service support international businesses who want to recruit and emloy staff in other countries without have to set up a local entity. Meaning you can take your business to new markets quickly, with confidence, and free from employer liability. Therefore, EOR service accelerates your time to market by 90% when compared to entity setup.

– Save time and costs for businesses

We will hire workers on behalf of the client company while also taking on the legal responsibility for them. This includes compliance, with all payroll management processing and employment, as well as the employment process. So by using employer of record service, businesses do not have to directly deal with salary and personnel issues thereby saving time and money to focus on developing their expertise.

– Ensure compliance with the law, avoid risks

Employers must comply with the provisions of Vietnamese law. If enterprises do not have sufficient knowledge, it will easily lead to violations and be fined. Our experts handle all payroll, compliance and risk mitigation to ensure a simplified, fast global scaling experience.

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