Errors that accountants encounter when minimizing the tax bill

Tax accounting is an accounting work to record tax-related activities. The purpose is to calculate tax fully and on time and make reports to the tax office in accordance with the law. In the process of implementation, accountants can’t avoid errors. If they encounter even minor errors, it can lead to a lot of troubles for businesses, even potentially great consequences. In this article, S4B would introduce you some errors that accountants should pay attention to when declaring taxes.

Monthly VAT declaration

– Ignore criteria [22] VAT law: VAT deductible in the previous period is transferred to the next period.
– Declare invalid invoices such as wrong tax code, business name, address, deleted invoices,…
– Deduct the tax amount payable arising in this period through unpaid VAT debts of the previous period.
– Calculate the input VAT amount for imported goods according to customs’ notices, while not yet paying VAT on such goods.
– List revenue and output tax of multiple tax rates on the same account.
– Do not note the payment term when the input VAT invoice is over VND 20 million.
– Do not declare PL01-3 / VAT for motorcycle and automobile businesses.
– Do not complete the Enterprise information.
– Do not seal the VAT declaration monthly.
– Do not declare when no vouchers from an activity arise.
– Account and declare not in accordance with tax rates.
– Account and declare late, over 6 months after the declaration deadline but still declare VAT deduction.

Personal income tax declaration

– Unable to determine whether declare PIT by month or by quarter.
– Deducted income tax of workers but misappropriate, not declare and pay into the budget in a timely manner according to regulations.
– Exclude social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance payments when calculating personal income tax.
– Do not subtract allowances for meals that enterprises have to pay for employees (not exceeding VND 620,000) when calculating personal income tax.

Corporate income tax declaration

– Do not set up a full record of fixed assets, or fixed assets procurement without valid invoices.
– Account salary costs without labor contracts or Payrolls are not signed.
– Lack of tax finalization list (list of attached documents to avoid misplacement).
– Enterprises are entitled to get the exemption and reduction but forget or do not know how to account and report to the tax authorities, or wait for the tax authorities to check/determine the tax exemption.
– Do not contact the tax department to extend the tax payment time when the tax of the activity during the period arises
– Do not proactively declare on time according to tax laws, which leads to the situation that corporation is reminded or administratively sanctioned by tax authorities.

Tax season is upon us, and you still feel that all odds are against you. S4B understands all the difficulties that your businesses usually encounter. With high responsibility from the heart of our company and experienced tax accountants who are fully qualified through certificates like CIMA, CIA, ACCA,… S4B always tries our best to make your businesses save money by doing your own day-to-day accounts, quickly and easily.


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