At S4B Vietnam, you can find a full range of services including taxation, bookkeeping, accounting and other financial consulting services for both local and international corporations doing business in Vietnam.

The corporate accounting services at S4B Vietnam is a special full service package offering to clients in Vietnam area. Our services are dedicated to supply our clients with the most professional, tailor-made solutions and up to date guidance. We are the perfect choice in the region targeting at a variety of financial and business demands. On this article, you will find more detailed information about our key service – corporate accounting services. With our services, clients can be provided with necessary guidance and assistance in many areas affecting the organizational activities including forensic accounting and litigation support, tax compliance and corporate financing. Why you should choose corporate accounting services at S4B Vietnam • With the advancement of intelligent technology, we are one of the pioneers in the market which is able to provide clients with both offline and online resources to give assistance to the process of taxation and financial decision making. You can easily download tax forms and finance update publications or making online financial calculations. Regardless of the industry your organization is doing business in, our corporate accounting services are backed with years of experiences and team of professionals which can solve all the headache accounting issues. • S4B Vietnam’s competence can be seen through our valuable resources and experiences. We help you to make the most out of the after tax return on every important business decision. On the other hand, financial risks are forecasted and minimized. • We add considerable value to any process involving your organization’s accounting and financial tasks. Whether you need assistance to help you prepare your tax or accounting reports, helping your company to achieve sustainable growth or just assisting in daily operations of the organization, S4B Vietnam surely has the top knowledge and expertise that business owners can count on. Below are some representative services include in our corporate accounting services Corporate Tax Returns Our accounting agency help organizations to prepare frequent corporate tax returns. Our strength lies in the fact that we take into consideration of each client’s financial situation. Your tax reports will be completed with the goal of minimizing the total tax paid. This comes along with a custom designed year-to-year tax mitigation plan. Year- end accounting Year-end accounting function along with preparation of financial statements. The year-end accounting functions include reviewing whether the whole year bookkeeping practices have been done correctly or not, and fulfilling the year end journal entries. Our internal financial statements are presented so that the business owner can easily comprehend the operation results for the whole year. Bookkeeping Services At S4B Vietnam, you can find full package of bookkeeping services which are suitable to businesses of multiple sizes. These services are ideal for firms which are not big enough to have a fulltime bookkeeper. Payroll service Our service at S4B Vietnam will help business owners to take care of all aspects of your payroll, including Payroll processing and reports, employee’s PIT and other arising fees calculation. Do not hesitate to contact us via email or telephone for a free consulting about corporate accounting services.