Outsourcing chief accountant services at S4B Vietnam

The services involving outsourcing chief accountant in Vietnam is one of the key professional accountancy services of S4B Vietnam. In every country, all types of company from small to big need to hire a competent accountant. Especially in the case of Vietnam, the ever-changing in requirements and policies regarding accounting and financial environment highlights the need to have a chief accountant. According to the current Vietnamese law, accounting apparatus is legally required at company level. Therefore, the chief accountant is crucial to any business. If there are no accountants and chief accountants under company’s labor contract, business should sign the contract with a credible accounting company.

However, it is not an easy task to hire an in-house chief accountant and business owners may have to spend a huge amount for head hunting. Therefore, consider the services of outsourcing chief accountant at S4B Vietnam to help you avoid paying out a large sum on competitive salary while still keep your finance under perfect management.

Only at S4B Vietnam can you have access to high quality accountant (holding degree of MBA, CPA, CFA) with affordable price. After many years working with clients across multiple files, we understand that every company require a customized service portfolio, thus offering specialized service based on different situations and requirement.

Typically, we can help you by providing a full-packaged, standard team of Chief Accountant services. In which a Certified Public Accountant, specializing in accounting and bookkeeping will be assigned to your case. With our outstanding service, you can rest assure that all of your business activities are carefully supervised to enable the compliance with current regulations and accounting standard in Vietnam.

S4B Vietnam is proud to be one of the leading accounting agencies in Vietnam. Our company was established and operate with the aim to provide a wide range of services including tax services, chief accountant services, general accounting services…which guide the organizations’ business activities to comply with Vietnamese law and standards. Our competence satisfies the business conditions required by Vietnam Accounting Law and we are granted legal certificates of qualification by the Ministry of Finance. Therefore, you can rest assured that your accounting and financial issues will be handled at timely, reasonable and legal manner.

The advantage of using the Outsourcing chief accountant services at S4B Vietnam is that you can free yourself from the task of hiring an in-house qualified chief accountant and manage their works. Our specialists in accounting and finance will perform all the work of chief accountant for your business.

For most foreign investment capital companies operating in Vietnam cannot clearly understand accounting law and tax regulations in this country. Only with the help of high quality experts in accounting and finance can your business avoid all the possible risks involving the accounting and tax implementation procedures.