For anybody who is considering a career as an accountant, luckily you have a bright future ahead. Accountants play a key role in the success of your organization. They are crucial to help their clients organize and manage one of the most important business issues – finance. In every aspect of your accounting including filling their taxes, writing financial summaries or books keeping, the accountant is the one who hold the ability to affect their business decisions.

For professional accountant and CPA, mainly working for international accounting and auditing firm, it is common for them to work overtime a lot due to a huge amount of statistics and numbers. Therefore, accountants need to have passion for their career and love working with clients, trying their best to solve accounting and financial problems.

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Career Opportunities for accountants

After obtaining a degree related to accounting and finance from your university or college, you are open to many career directions. Possible job titles in accounting professionals can be named such as general accountant, property accountant, tax accountant. You are not required to achieve international degree in accounting like CPA, CFA…and go further in positions involving sales, management, accounting technology. In fact, as a professional accountant, you can even provide counseling and mentoring services to other people not working in accounting field.

Moreover, accountants can choose many environments to work in. They can open their own company, work for an accounting agency or as an in-house accountant for organizations. Some of the accountants choose to work for nonprofit organizations. In this case, their role significantly contributes to help the directors maximize donations and contributions together with efficient revenue calculation.

A typical day of an accountant

Daily responsibilities that an accountant needs to fulfill will vary depending on the type of role you sign with your employer in your labor contract and the type of accountant you want to become. Accordingly, you may spend the whole days answering questions involving accounting and financial issues from other department within your organization, meeting with professionals in accounting and financial fields, reviewing financial documents and statements, analyzing data and statistics, issuing invoices, working with tax government agency. The level/ title of your position also determines your scope of work. For example, managers or leaders need to take full responsibility for other professionals that report to you.

The challenges facing accountants

Similar to other careers, accountants can face daily challenges. In many cases, the numbers and data cannot cooperate especially for complicated report like financial statement. It is such a frustration to help a client deal with a fiscal jam. At the end of the year, the high time for tax report, it is common to see a tax accountant working long hours, overtime, even taking work home in order to complete all the necessary documents on time.

One of the key challenges for accountant is to keep themselves updated with policies regarding taxes and other financial matters all the time, especially in the case of Vietnam where of changing rules and policies happen frequently.

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