Payroll admin service in S4B

Payroll management is a mandatory job for all businesses to build a solid human resources team and ensure that the business operates in accordance with the law. However, now with a large volume and the constant change of legal procedures, it has caused difficulties for many businesses, especially small-scale enterprises. Therefore, S4B’s payroll admin service was born as a solution to help businesses get rid of the pressure of salary and personnel and rest assured to focus on their professional work.

Payroll admin service in S4B

Enhanced by a new model HR solution software with employee self-service function, services delivered by our expertise payroll consultants has been recognized as the PREMIUM QUALITY ONE in the market.

S4b’s payroll admin service will perform the following specific jobs:

– Monthly payroll report

S4B will set up a table salary aggregate and calculate wages based on time specified by the enterprise for employees every month.

– Monthly personal income tax

Personal calculation of import tax for employees, and monthly/quarterly PIT declaration for employees in accordance with the law.

– Registration and obtaining tax code

Register and get PIT Tax Code for new employees, including support to register for family deduction for eligible employees.

– Mothly social, health and unemployment insurance

Manage and continuously comply with social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance regimes for employees with regulations on paying insurance premiums to insurance agencies.

– Calculation and making payment to senior trade union

Calculation and settlement based on the policies of the trade union organization at the enterprise

– Other payroll admin tasks including leave recording and labor reporting.

S4B also does duties, tracks and manages leave rights and sets up payroll expense reports as required by businesses and employees.

Benefits of using S4B’s Payroll Admin service

Payroll admin service of S4B will help the businesses:

– Being cost-effective and highly accurate

When using S4b’s payroll admin service, businesses only have to spend a small budget ranging from a few million to tens of millions without worrying about any problems. All records, policies and procedures are handled professionally and completely by S4B in accordance with the latest updated current legal regulations. On the other hand, S4B has 15 years of experience as a payroll managing provider, so we always know the most effective and optimal methods for business.

– High accuracy – minimize errors in salary calculation

S4B has a team of highly specialized staff with 15 years of experience in the profession, we ensure the perfect accuracy of all procedures. On the other hand, throughout the process, we always focus on working closely with businesses to do professionally and perfectly the process in every stage of process.

– Handles all the most complicated situations

Supported by a team of experienced professional consultants, S4B will offer the most suitable processes with the specific operating procedures of the business to ensure good handling of any complicated circumstances to avoid the business making mistakes as well as having other legal responsibilities.

– Confidentiality of all income information

S4B’s system is developed with the latest security technologies and is operated by world-class experts to provide the highest security for customers’ data and information during the cooperation process.

– Stay updated with new regulations on labor, personal income tax and insurance

Our experts are trained to stay up-to-date with the latest regulations on labor, insurance, and personal income tax so that salary calculation is guaranteed to be with the right people, at the right people, at the right time.

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