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Setting up a company is a crucial initial step for individuals and organizations to engage in lawful business activities. However, beyond the establishment process, there are other essential procedures that need to be completed to ensure the company can operate effectively. These procedures include tax-related tasks, invoicing requirements, obtaining digital signatures, and more. In this article, S4B will introduce reputable company establishment services, providing you with valuable insights into the process of setting up a company.

1. Some related questions about enterprise establishment services

1.1 What is the full company incorporation service?

The full company incorporation service is a service that provides full support during the establishment and operation of the company. It includes legal advice, business registration procedures, filing, necessary paperwork, posting tax reports and complying with legal regulations.

1.2 Procedures for setting up a package company

1.2.1 Prepare and submit business registration documents

Enterprise establishment consultancy receives your information and prepares business registration documents. After compiling the complete dossier, the company establishment consultancy will send the dossier to the client for signature confirmation (company sign the document according to the Company’s signing instructions).

After receiving the signed dossier from the customer, the Company proceeds to submit the application to the business registration office where the enterprise is headquartered.

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Unlock the potential of your Representation Office with S4B’s comprehensive services for seamless operations and compliance management

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1.2.2 Submit the monitoring file, pay the enterprise information disclosure fee and receive the business registration result

After submitting the application at the business registration office, enterprise establishment services will monitor the progress of the dossier and carry out the procedures required by the business registration agency. The company receives the business registration certificate on behalf of the customer and delivers the results to the customer. After receiving the business registration certificate, Enterprise establishment services conducts procedures to publish business registration contents on the national business registration portal.

1.2.3 Engrave the seal of the legal entity

Customers can do it themselves or let us engrave legal seals and legal names for businesses. Customers decide the form and number of seals and then send it to us. enterprise establishment services will conduct stamp engraving for customers at reputable seal engraving facilities. This procedure is usually done within 01 working day. However, the time limit for company registration service is about 05 – 06 working days from the date of submitting the application for registration.

1.2.4 Complete the following procedures for company establishment

In order for the business to operate in reality, business will need to open a business bank account and register digital signature for electronic tax payment and tax report online. After submitting the application file to order invoice printing within 2-3 days, the tax authority will evaluate the dossier for approval or not. Tax authorities can check the address of the head office before or after issuing a decision approving the issuance of invoices. Inspections may be scheduled in advance or irregularly, so businesses need to arrange to have staff on duty at the Office during the time of invoice issuance.

2.    Full package company establishment and compliance services offered to Representation Offices (ROs) from S4B

2.1 Licensing and Post Licensing

S4B provides comprehensive support for businesses in establishing representation offices of foreign traders in Vietnam. Our services in company establishment consultancy extend beyond the initial setup and cover post-licensing procedures as well. We assist in essential processes such as tax code registration, opening bank accounts, and applying for e-signatures. With our expertise and guidance, businesses can navigate these procedures seamlessly, ensuring compliance and efficiency throughout the establishment and post-licensing stages.

From establishment to closure, S4B provides expert support for your Representation Office, ensuring compliance, financial efficiency, and peace of mind

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2.2 Operation and Compliance Management

S4B offers a range of services to assist in the smooth operation of Representation Offices (ROs). We understand the unique needs of full package company establishment services and provide comprehensive support in various areas:

2.2.1. Preparation of Annual Reports:

We assist in preparing accurate and comprehensive annual reports on the operational activities of ROs. Our experts ensure that all necessary information is included, complying with regulatory requirements and providing a clear overview of the RO’s performance.

2.2.2. Daily Expenditure Processing:

Managing daily expenditures can be time-consuming and complex. S4B streamlines this process by assisting ROs in processing their daily expenditures efficiently. Our team ensures accurate record-keeping and adherence to financial regulations, enabling ROs to maintain financial transparency and control.

2.2.3. Accounting and Tax Management:

Proper accounting and tax management are crucial for the smooth operation of ROs. S4B provides expert guidance in managing accounting processes, ensuring compliance with local tax regulations, and optimizing tax strategies. Our dedicated team assists ROs in maintaining accurate financial records and meeting tax obligations effectively.

2.2.4. Compliance Work for Staff Management:

Managing staff compliance is essential for ROs. As a reputable company establishment services, S4B supports ROs in various compliance-related tasks, including personal income tax management, compulsory social insurance, registration of internal labor rules in Vietnam, and obtaining work permits for expatriate staff. We ensure that ROs adhere to labor regulations and provide a comprehensive compliance framework.

2.2.5. Reporting and Statistics:

As per the requirements of the General Statistic Office, S4B can provide any requested report statistics. We compile and analyze data to generate informative reports, helping ROs gain insights into their operations, make informed decisions, and fulfill reporting obligations.

2.3 Extensions/Amendment/Closure

We provide assistance in registering amendments or extensions of licenses for Representation Offices (ROs). Our dedicated team ensures a smooth and efficient process for updating or extending the RO’s license as required. Additionally, if the decision is made to close the RO, we offer comprehensive support in the closure procedure. This includes facilitating the necessary documentation and guiding the RO through the process. We also assist in obtaining tax clearance from the tax authorities, ensuring that all tax obligations are fulfilled before the closure of the RO. With our expertise in enterprise establishment consultancy matters, we ensure that the amendment, extension, or closure of the RO is handled seamlessly and in accordance with the applicable regulations.

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