S4B – A professional firm offering top accounting services in Vietnam

Given the context of business environment is becoming more and more competitive, a company’s accounting system now cannot be merely about daily recording of business transaction.

To enable a more efficient business operation, the management board of the company should have a good insight into the activities of the firm, identifying the proper plans and objectives for future growth. Therefore, a perfect accounting system is needed regardless of the types and sizes of the enterprise. That is due to the fact that an accurate accounting system can fully and promptly express abnormal operation changes in the company’s structure. Therefore, accounting is one of the prerequisite factor leading to future success.

With our professional accounting services, S4B Vietnam is confident to fully support your company’s needs for finance and accounting consultancy. We commit to ensure the lowest level of standardized errors. As a result, S4B’s accounting services will help business owner to direct and operate the activities of the company in the right objective and direction.

Below are some key areas included in S4B Vietnam’s accounting services:

– General accounting

– Bookkeeping

– Complete accounting system preparation

– Financial statement preparation and review

– Accounting system optimization, upgrading and perfecting the current accounting system.

When doing business in Vietnam, multinational companies need to strictly follow the Vietnamese Accounting Standards (VAS). These standards are passed by the Ministry of Finance of Vietnam (MOF), generally based on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Our finance and accounting consulting services provide a complete solution regarding financial, accounting and reporting documents, smartly designed to help clients easier to do business in Vietnam by focusing on core business.

Outsourcing the accounting services to S4B Vietnam, our agency could ensure the transparency and accuracy of your company’s financial report. Both internal and external accounting process and report of our clients are managed to prevent any conflict of interest. We ensure the clarity of accounting standards at all time, committing full clarity and transparency.

Consider these questions if you want to know whether your company needs S4B’s help

– Do you find your costs for accounting too high for SME?

– Do you find it is time-consuming and laborious task to ensure regulatory compliance?

– Do you wish to have a flexible accounting service tailored-made for your company’s needs?

– Do you need temporary substitute for human resources needs?

– Do you want to add an appropriate personnel expenses?

– Do you want to outsource part of your company’s financial and accounting duties?

As a top accounting agency in the market, S4B Vietnam strive to save your cost by providing your organization with economical solutions while complying with local procedures and legislation. We can act as your life-time partner, assisting you through early logistic solutions until your business grow to a successful level. With in-depth knowledge into the local market and international service standard, our company aim to bridge the gap between globalization and localization. We are proud to having guided and assisted many foreign organizations and companies entering Vietnam market without difficulties. With our services accompanied, commercial and regulatory issues will not be your concerns any more.