S4B – The path to success of business

S4b – Smart Solutions For Business Company Limited is a company which is established in 2007 and specialized in providing accounting and tax compliance services to foreign invested in Vietnam in a professional way. S4b has proved itself to be the most trusted partner for all types of businesses.

Service development

For more than 10 years of development, S4B has provided 5 main services that can remove potential problems that are relevant to Tax, Accounting and even Human resource of companies. For instance, firstly, service of setting up works for newly set up company is specifically designed for new ones. With the aim at helping them to overcome first years of getting lost as lacking information, the service makes their way through categories like Tax code registration, Value Added Tax declaration and payment method registration, Setting up accounting systems under Vietnamese Accounting Systems, Open bank account in Vietnam, Registration of customized invoices with the provincial department of taxation, Application for e-signature service for online submission of tax returns and Assistance in obtaining Social Insurance code.

Secondly, HR Consultancy Service can solve problems that are related to workforce, making S4B become the trusted HR partner in following areas: Labor Outsourcing Service, Payroll Administration, Staffing Solution, Human Resource related compliance work, which includes Labor Contract Preparation and Termination, Internal Labor Rules preparation and registration and Obtaining work permit for expatriates. Thirdly, Accounting services including Monthly bookkeeping services, Payment assistance services and Preparation of Financial Statements for the registered fiscal year in compliance with Vietnamese Accounting Standards (VAS) will remove accounting matters; and that Statutory filings and non-tax compliance services provide warnings and guidance on dealing with emerging risks through Compulsory insurances administration, Assist in obtaining work permit for expatriates and Assist in statutory filings with labor authorities, statistic office and companies registries can equip for companies the latest developments in Vietnamese taxation laws. The article will look at details of another service provide by S4B which is tax compliance services.

Some other useful services

Tax is always the biggest challenge for all types of business because it is related to law, regulation and it has to comply with the requests and orders of Government. If companies, especially the newly set up ones do not have information or guidelines for structuring companies and paying tax, it is obvious that their operation will be no longer effective and even supervised by authorized agency. As a result, Tax compliance service has been born and allow companies to free hand and mind on tax burden. The service has many categories dealing with accounting matters, specifically, Business License Tax declaration and payment, Monthly/Quarterly Value Added Tax declaration and payment, Quarterly/Annual Corporate Income Tax declaration and payment, Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Personal Income Tax declaration and payment and the last one is Foreign Contractor Withholding Tax declaration and payment.

With a thorough understanding of Vietnamese Tax System and regulations, S4B teams guarantees that their offering diverse tax service like mentioned above can help your business overcome the challenges on tax planning, tax optimization or assist you effectively in managing all of the intricate details in local jurisdictions. Specially, their services will keep you aware of tax- related issues that may affect your business, making warnings timely and then propose solutions for them. Due to Tax compliance service of S4B, your burden of tax and matters related to law is no longer exists. Hopefully, all of the above information can help company owners to make business decision for the best success in the future, especially newly set up ones.


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