Tax Declaration service in Vietnam by S4B

Tax declaration service is a professional tax procedure service of Smart Solutions for Business Company Limited (S4B).

S4B is a leading accounting service company in providing accounting and tax services in Vietnam, especially in tax return monthly, quarterly and annual tax finalization according to Vietnamese Laws and Regulations.

Tax is a compulsory contribution to the state revenue. Moreover, it is assessed as a tool for economy management. Before paying tax, enterprises have their duties to report and declare tax. Tax report and declaration help tax agencies establish grounds for tax assessment, tax exemption and reduction cases.

Tax declaration or tax reporting is the fact that a business has to report to the tax agency about the amount of tax that the business has to pay in a month, a quarter or a year.

Enterprises must report on the basis of self-declaration and self-responsibility for those declarations. The tax declaration must be processed in writing or electronic methods which is used to do by tokens. After that, tax declarations will be directly submitted to the tax agency managing the enterprises. At present, most of declarations are made by tokens.

Taxpayers must use the right tax return forms and annexes enclosed with the tax declaration forms provided by the Ministry of Finance, not change the format, add more, remove or change the position of any indicators in tax declaration forms. For some kinds of papers which the Ministry of Finance does not issue samples, the provisions of relevant laws shall apply.

Taxpayers must calculate accurately and declare truthfully and pay tax into the state budget according to Vietnamese regulations.

So, why foreign companies in Vietnam should use tax declaration services?

The first reason for this choice is the frequent renovation of accounting regulations in Vietnam. Therefore, if you are not an expert in taxation, you cannot update the right changes on time and your business will not perform in accordance with regulations.

Besides that, if you are a foreign investment capital in Vietnam, you may be unable to understand clearly all tax and accounting regulations of Vietnam, you might choose tax declaration services to avoid risks relating to the implementation of tax and accounting procedures in Vietnam.

If you are a small or medium-sized company, you can use services to reduce costs for hiring professional accountants for your company.

A team of experts and consultants with relevant qualifications and experiences in S4B can provide the tax declaration services in the particular Vietnamese environment.

We will make all kind of tax declaration in compliance with the current Vietnamese Tax laws

1. Monthly tax declaration:

a. Value added tax (VAT)

b. Personal income tax (PIT)

c. Withholding tax (Foreign Contractor tax)

d. Export – Import tax

e. Some other special taxes

2. Quarterly tax declaration:

a. Corporation Income Tax (CIT)

b. Value added tax (VAT)

c. Personal income tax (PIT)

3. Yearly tax report and tax finalization reports:

• All kinds of tax reports (except VAT)

Tax declaration is so complicated due to differences of business of each enterprise. To save time and money, tax declarations should be performed legally.