Value Added Tax declaration and finalization service

Value added tax is indirect tax on the domestic consumption of goods and services, which is added in each stages of product manufactures or distributions.

Value Added Tax Declaration or VAT Return is a summarized report of how the taxpayers operate the business for a given time (i.e. monthly, quarterly or annually) and how much VAT they should pay for that period.

It is understood to go over the sales, procurement and those VAT related activities of the enterprises. Extra information is often added to clarify the validity and consistency of the declared amounts of tax such as contact numbers, purchased orders, items on the line and so on.

The ultimate outcome is to ensure simple structure, standardized information for tax authority to follow and clarify as required, and deadline for VAT declaration. These requirements are varied among countries and regions of practice, hence, it is vital to get an expert carrying over the task of VAT declaration.

There are certain criteria imposed by the tax authority or taxing system within the country – in this case is Vietnam – that a registered business needs to fulfill

– Within 15 days after the end of period of value added tax, a registered taxpayer must submit value added tax declaration, in accordance with forms and formalities determined by the tax authority. The value added tax payable by a tax payer for a tax period shall be payable on the date of submission of a value added tax declaration for that taxation period.

– Registration and VAT number must be issued and done in prior. Business establishments have to register to the direct tax agency under its guidance.

– VAT invoices are those reserved to declare and calculate VAT and these should follow a standardized format as well as provide all required information by tax authority.

– Foreign Contractor Tax or FCT is very specific in Vietnam for foreign entities and individuals who do business in or receive income from Vietnam. Thus, this is also included as mandatory part of VAT declaration.

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