While many companies choose to hire an internal corporate accountant, outsourcing the corporate accountant services at reputable accounting firms can be a cost-effective solution.

Below are some of the most notable criteria when looking for a corporate accountant, whether he comes from a job ad or an accounting agency.


Most companies request at least a bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting to qualify to be a corporate accountant. All of our accountants at S4B Vietnam satisfy this requirement along with the additional credentials regarding certified public accountant issued by the Ministry of Finance.

In addition to qualifications, the corporate accountant should have the competence to fulfill all the accounting tasks. Two main roles below are key responsibilities of a corporate accountant, along with many other tasks.

Financial Statements and Ledgers

Preparation and consolidation of organization’s financial statements and general ledgers are an important task that a corporate accountant should fulfill. Specifically, ledgers and financial reports from divisional offices should be collected in order to prepare financial statements for the executive board. With the analysis and report of the corporate accountant, each division within an organization is ensured to contribute to the total revenue.

Budget Preparation

For every business leader, it is crucial to draw out KPI and financial goals at the beginning of the year and check whether they are met. According to the budget preparation report from the corporate accountant, allocate funds for each department’s spending is determined. Theses budgets consist of demands for recruitment, investments and other departmental needs on a daily basis. In addition, corporate accountants also perform audits to ensure financial budgets are correctly complied with the pre-set organizational goals. The budgets need to be prepared by experts to help executives to review and make business decision.

Why should you outsource the corporate accountant services at S4B Vietnam?

The corporate accounting services at S4B Vietnam are the premier accounting services to satisfy all your accounting demands.

We offer a complete solution along with a variety of services including daily bookkeeping, analysis of cash flow budgeting, forecast and projections, payroll management, taxes compliance, implementation of financial software.

Dynamic companies need to focus their resources on driving the business forward and outsourcing S4B Vietnam’s services could help you achieve this.

If you’d like to outsource a high qualified corporate accountant from S4B Vietnam, please contact us via email or telephone for a free consultation.