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The finance and accounting sector plays an important part in the Vietnam economy, involving a wide variety of key roles such as accountant, financial analyst, payroll, credit controllers. Due to the specific skills and experiences required for the industry, reputable accounting agencies are required to source the best candidates in the market, offering the highest suitability to the clients.

S4B Vietnam is one of the leading providers of financial and accounting services in Vietnam. We specialize in providing the premier financial professionals to help your business from starting up to finalize year-end financial statement in a correct and prompt manner. We are proud to having satisfied various clients from many fields, both locally and internationally.

With many years of experiences working with foreign clients, we do understand the difficulty of doing business in Vietnam as foreign business owners. Dealing with the system of Vietnam law of accounting or tax requires deep insight and strong expertise in finance and accounting. That is why every organization needs a credible person or accounting agency to handle this sensitive matter. With our top accounting services, we are confident to provide the most efficient service to help your business move forward smoothly.

S4b Vietnam  – Your best source for quality accounting and finance human resources

When looking for candidates or agency that will handle accounting/ finance jobs, business owner will surely take into account candidates with high ranking university degree with GPA about 8/10. Qualifications relating numeracy are of great importance to enter the sector with courses in accounting, insurance or financial management. We look carefully into the validity of professional qualifications and test them through real-life tasks.

In addition to high quality qualifications, S4B possesses a team with strong analytical skills, good at dealing with statistics, attention to detail. We are one of the few accounting and finance agencies in the market that have the market knowledge and competent experience essential to offer clients with potential staff who carry the qualities which are considered to be a valuable asset to our client.

S4B Vietnam – Your trusted source for accounting and finance services

S4BVietnam offers a wide variety of accounting and jobs, specializing in Vietnam market such as tax and treasury, financial analysis, accounting, audit. We also provide special professional recruitment service to help your finance and accounting department. Our team can cover both internal and external accounting jobs involving Legal, Practice, Property and Consultancy. Every member of our consultant team focus on a specific sector above, thus giving them even greater expertise and specialization within their areas.

As one of the top Finance and Accounting agencies in Vietnam for Professional Services, S4B Vietnam has successfully worked with companies and brands of all types from SMS to international organizations.

To sum-up, keeping a firm running up both on day-to-day and long-term financials of your operation is a crucial factor for any business regardless of the size of your business (SME or large corporation). Working with a professional accounting service like S4B Vietnam can be invaluable. We will help you to free up all concerns on numbers, letting you focus on running your company efficiently. Hiring a team of specialists with track-record skills in data analysis, mathematics, law and tax will surely an effective way to save time and energy.