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Recruitment is always an important issue of every company and business. The problem of lack of human resources, human resource management or recruitment process is always a difficult problem. Today’s article,  S4B will introduce you a new recruitment method that any HR should know, which will help your business solve many problems related to recruitment and personnel. The term we are mentioning is contractual employer.

1. What is contractual employer?

1.1 What people usually think about contractual employer

Contractual employer, a revolutionary recruitment method, has long been recognized as a vital term in the field of human resource management. Often regarded as having magical capabilities, contractual employer transcends traditional recruitment practices by assuming a multifaceted role that encompasses payroll calculations, resource policy development, cost savings, and streamlining organizational processes. It is a game-changing approach that can significantly transform HR practices, empowering businesses to optimize their recruitment strategies while achieving greater operational efficiency. Understanding the potential of contractual employers essential for HR professionals, as it offers a transformative solution that transcends conventional recruitment methods.

contractual employer

Does contractual employer solve problems related to human resources?

1.2 The real definition of contractual employer

Contractual employer service is a third party that helps businesses sign contract, manage wages and calculate salary. Besides, this service also undertakes some work related to bookkeeping; making insurance dossiers, explaining to labor inspectors.

Contractual employer services encompass a diverse array of functions, including timekeeping, wage calculations, and resolution of social insurance record issues. Moreover, staying abreast of the frequent updates in legal provisions related to these matters adds further complexity. Consequently, small and medium enterprises often face challenges in managing the costs and human resources involved in salary calculations. To mitigate risks and alleviate these concerns, an increasing number of businesses are turning to supportive payroll services. These services offer a comprehensive solution, providing efficient payroll management while reducing potential risks for enterprises.

2. Which reputable companies in the field of contractual employer

With our service process, we are confident to bring the best experience for businesses. Coming to S4B, businesses will be taken care of everything according to the following steps:

2.1 Receive information

S4B receives and records all information related to the business. At the same time, experts will give free advice on appropriate service packages for businesses.

2.2 Negotiate the contract

After completing the consultation, S4B will draft a contract and select a suitable service package for the business. Besides, we guarantee to perform the services signed in the contract. At the same time, S4B commits to be responsible when the error is caused by our fault.

2.3 Receipt of application

S4B receives all documents related to payroll operations; employee insurance regime records, labor contract handling. We are committed to completing the records on time, reporting the work results to the business.

Contractual employer will take charge of payroll solution and labor contract handling solution

2.4 Complete the cooperation

After terminating the cooperation, S4B commits to 100% business information security even after the contract is terminated. Businesses are completely assured when using services contractual employer provided by S4B.

3. Reasons to choose payroll service at S4B Company

Using a contractual employer service is extremely necessary because of the many benefits that the service can bring to businesses. When using services at S4B, businesses will get the following advantages:

3.1 Cost optimization solution

Enterprises using the quantitative service at S4B will reduce the costs of hiring labor and personnel to perform payroll. In addition, in some cases when recruiting inexperienced personnel, enterprises have to pay training costs. Not only that, the case of making wrong records, businesses are also penalized a large amount of money.

However, if businesses choose a contractual employer service, they will be able to reduce the costs of hiring personnel, purchasing payroll software, and human resource management software. Besides, S4B commits to take full responsibility when mistakes arise from our side.

3.2 Specialization of personnel

Besides, the contractual employer service helps to reduce the work burden for the HR department. From there, streamline personnel in the enterprise; and improve the specialization for the human resources department in the organization. At the same time, businesses do not have to worry about problems arising in the process of using the service. Since then, the company has focused its human resources on developing and expanding its business market share.

3.3 Efficient operation system

S4B applies professional software to solve business problems. The system of expertise helps standardize processes to help businesses operate effectively. Not stopping there, operating with software helps to be objective in management and timely detect risks in the business. We perform data aggregation; report and make recommendations to address risks.

3.4 Information security

We are committed to complete confidentiality of all business information even if we stop cooperating. Businesses can feel assured to use S4B’s services.

Are you looking for a companion in contractual employer? Call S4B immediately for advice on payroll service. Our staff is always ready to support 24/7 free consultation for businesses related issues.


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