Unlocking Business Potential: The Advantages of Labour Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing Human Resources Department service is a form of hiring a specialized unit to manage all HR activities according to a reasonable budget and strategy of the business. Instead of opening a Human Resources department with a cumbersome number of employees, the use of outsourced human resource services will help businesses save a lot of costs and minimize personnel. From an economic and human perspective, this hr staffing form is quite suitable for small and medium enterprises – these are businesses with many financial constraints. To help businesses optimize costs and boost revenue growth, in this article, S4B will introduce to readers the staffing for service.

1.  Benefits of using outsourced HR services

Recently, hr staffing is becoming more and more developed, especially in developed countries such as the USA, United Kingdom, Australia or Canada. However, in Vietnam, outsourced hr solution is still quite fresh, new and has not been paid much attention by many businesses. Let’s find out some useful add points that an outsource staffing company can help with in this article!

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Accelerating Business Growth through Outsourced Human Resource

1.1 Reduce the cost of hiring staff

1.1.1 Human resource cost

The company can reduce the cost of hiring personnel with HR skills to perform various tasks in the HR department. It is much cheaper to outsource your HR functions to us in the long run. Staffing in human resource management is suitable for companies that want to outsource their HR functions to cut costs and focus on core business strategy. Outsourcing can often be more cost-effective than hiring and training in-house HR staffing, especially for specialized tasks or projects.
Furthermore, staffing and human resource management allows you to avoid the cost of adding equipment, renovating your office and adding more staff to facilitate your HR operations. Your company only needs to focus on spending on business strategy to increase profits for the company. This allows the company to achieve its goals without consuming resources such as human and financial resources at the office operations.

1.1.2 Labour cost in Vietnam

Compared to developed countries, the price of Outsourcing services in Vietnam is still relatively cheap and low, only about 400-600 USD per working month. Meanwhile, the average hire in the world costs about 15-20$/hour. That is why many foreign companies choose Vietnam to conduct hr staffing.

Cost is considered one of the important factors to help businesses decide to outsource HR activities in the early stages. Hiring an employee with deep expertise in Human Resources can cost the business about 10 – 20 million VND per month, not to mention other senior or high level experience positions. The average cost for an Inhouse Human Resources department (with at least 3 employees) is about 50 million/month as minimum cost.

Meanwhile, with a much smaller cost, your business will own a full range of Human Resources services from consulting, HR strategic planning to detailed implementation of items such as: Recruitment, training, salary policy, corporate culture, labor relations, human resource development…

1.2 Improved data accuracy

By outsourcing HR operations to an HR professional, S4B’s in-depth knowledge and expertise can help your company improve and maintain the accuracy of HR data. Employment and employment laws will change frequently and it can be difficult for employers to stay up to date with changes in the law. Human resource staffing helps your company avoid pitfalls and reduce the risk of lawsuits.
staffing for service

Immediate Access to Professional Human Resources: Unlocking Expertise through Outsourcing

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2. Benefits of using outsourced HR services at S4B

Strategic HR solutions are the top challenge for most businesses. Building a stable, professional and efficient Human Resources department is a difficult problem. Understanding this mentality, S4B has provided the market with a solution to use an outsource staffing agency to help businesses focus on producing and operating the service in the most efficient way.

2.1 Professional and highly qualified personnel team

Having a professional human resource readily available can save time compared to the lengthy process of recruiting core positions in Human Resources such as salary, benefits, labor relations, training, and development. By utilizing outsourced Human Resources packages, businesses can quickly obtain fully staffed positions with high expertise, eliminating the need for time-consuming training. This approach ensures an immediate response to the Enterprise’s business needs. HR staffing agencies possess extensive experience, expertise, courage, and up-to-date knowledge, accumulated over many years.

S4B’s staff boasts trained industry professionals with years of experience in large corporations and multinationals. They have worked across diverse fields and business models, ensuring up-to-date knowledge of international trends. Their dedication and motivation inspire exceptional results.

2.2 Efficiency Outstanding resources, end-to-end hr service

When partnering with S4B, you gain access to our experienced team of HR experts who excel in delivering top-notch solutions. With our real-time experience and keen understanding of market trends, we ensure that you receive the best HR services available.

Moreover, we take complete responsibility for managing and operating your staffing and human resource management functions, including internal communication tailored to your specific business needs. This allows you to focus your time and resources on developing product strategies, enhancing product quality, and reaching your target customers. As a result, your business can achieve sales far beyond expectations while optimizing costs and driving overall growth.

At S4B Vietnam, we believe that effective human resources management plays a vital role in attaining your business goals. Let us assist you in unlocking your company’s potential and achieving remarkable success.

3. Outsourced HR service at S4B

We specialize in building and staffing in human resource management from the ground up. Our services include labor contract preparation and termination, internal labor rules preparation and registration, obtaining work permit for expatriates, statutory set-up works, ensuring the establishment of a professional HR Department tailored to your needs. We also provide long-term mentoring support to ensure sustained success.

Our approach encompasses strategic HR planning, including PEST analysis, SWOT analysis, insights into internal customers, and effective communication channels. We collaborate with you to develop an HR strategy that aligns with your business objectives. To optimize HR operations, we employ cutting-edge tools such as data statistics, Big Data analysis, and business digitization solutions. We leverage these technologies to enhance human resource staffing processes and improve overall efficiency.

Our expertise extends to in-house marketing, utilizing platforms such as website insiders and forums to promote your HR initiatives and engage employees effectively. We also excel in HR recruitment, utilizing the 4B (Best Fit, Best Match, Best Performance, Best Retention) and 3C (Competency, Character, Culture) frameworks to ensure the selection of top talent. Furthermore, we leverage the power of HRIS (Human Resources Information Systems) to transform your HR processes with digital technology and intelligent applications.

To evaluate the effectiveness of personnel in your overall development strategy, we develop KPI (Key Performance Indicator) criteria tables that align with your business goals. These metrics enable you to track performance and make data-driven decisions. With our comprehensive outsourced hr solution, we empower your organization to thrive and achieve sustainable growth. Let us guide you on the path to success by leveraging our expertise and industry-leading practices.

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