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Tax and Accounting are always difficult and hard tasks for all companies, especially, entrepreneurs and SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises). Solving them with a commitment of bringing value for businesses is the mission of S4B – Smart Solution for Business Company Limited, or in other words, helping companies with the difficulties and hardness in tax and accounting is the reason for the establishment of S4B. S4B is a trusted partner in business, freeing you up to do what you do best, increasing your value day to day.

Staffing and human resource management

Value, history and S4B’ services in overall

Established in 2007, with more than 10 years of organization, S4B is specialized in providing accounting and tax compliance services to foreign invested companies in Vietnam in professional way, especially the newly emerging ones. To ensure all the quality of service provided to clients, S4B is always focus on the quality of consultant team as the first foundation. Their consultants are those who having extensive experience in in their fields of practice and have relevant qualifications that could provide one-stop-service shop solutions to clients. With the purpose of providing the most effective and practical solutions, they have orientation of doing works with mindset of clients’ business partner rather than a normal service provider.

Besides, their teams can cover a variety of matters or potential problems related to tax and accounting. To the best advantages for your business, S4B will become your trusted business advisors, helping you maximize your financial strategy and assisting with future business decisions. Until now, S4B serves their clients with 5 main service packages which are Set up works for newly set up company, Accounting services, Tax compliance services, Statutory filings and non-tax compliance services and Human Resource (HR) Consultancy Service. Each type of packages will help companies face with specific matters. The article will present in detail one of the most trusted service provided by S4B – Set up works for newly set up company because there is a big proportion of SMEs, startups raising day by day in Vietnam’s market.

Set up works for newly set up company

Setting up works for newly set up company is the specific for SMEs or startups, entrepreneurs, providing them with sufficient and update information and regulation in Tax and Accounting areas. With a limited budget, they are guaranteed to be served with a full range of high standard services at competitive fee, assisting them to save significant costs during their operation in first years. S4B will help their clients in new markets with compliance issues and regulatory regimes, particularly, Tax code registration, Value Added Tax declaration and payment method registration, setting up accounting systems under Vietnamese Accounting Systems, Open bank account in Vietnam, Registration of customized invoices with the provincial department of taxation, Application for e-signature service for online submission of tax returns and Assistance in obtaining Social Insurance code. With the full packages, it is easier for the new companies operate and be stable, overcome difficulties in first steps of establishments. In short, if you are finding the most beneficial solutions for your companies and you are lost, S4B is your destination in the business journal.


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