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What is the value of talent to your business? How precious is time to you? You need real talent and experts for your company, but you do not know where to look for them? Your business is always changing and growing. Then, how do you recruit talented people for your company and make sure they contribute to your company in the long run? We have the advantage of deep understanding of the Vietnamese labor market, a powerful database of many bright candidates, years of experience in many fields at large corporations, along with the professional service style of hr staffing firms. As long as your company provides the necessary information about the target candidate, S4B believes and is committed to providing you with quality service according to international standards and regimes, at competitive rates.

1. How can S4B assist business in staffing agency jobs?

S4B provides labor contract handling services to help businesses find and build high-quality human resources in Vietnam or abroad.

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Human resource staffing and Payroll in Vietnam is getting on increasing demand

1.1 Labor contract handling services

Managing labor relations, calculating wages, salary deductions is a job that requires expertise and professionalism. With a cost that is only a fraction of that of maintaining a full-time employee, S4B will on your behalf to ensure:

1.1.1 Calculating salary, allowances, bonuses, benefits and other income

As one of the famous hr outsourcing agencies – S4B calculates salaries, including allowances, bonuses, benefits, and other income components. We ensure that all calculations are precise and transparent. When onboarding new employees or managing departures, we handle all salary-related matters efficiently. From setting up salary structures for new hires to final settlements for departing employees, we ensure a seamless process.

1.1.2 Payroll Summary and Confirmation

S4B will also compile and confirm payroll statements for your review. This includes a detailed breakdown of all components, allowing you to verify the accuracy of the payroll before processing. If there are any changes or adjustments pertaining to wages, tax regulations, or labor laws, our team ensures that your payroll system remains compliant with the latest requirements.

1.1.3 Employee Support

We as hr staffing firms will promptly address and clarify any queries or concerns from employees regarding their salaries. Whether through email, phone, or in-person at the company, we provide comprehensive support and ensure employee satisfaction.

1.2 Online hr consulting services

S4B, a company dedicated to solving the issue of high-quality human resources, has established the website as a platform to provide exceptional online human resource services. Our business goals and motto revolve around benefiting enterprises and fostering their development. By making strategic decisions and implementing effective development policies, the website has propelled S4B to the forefront of the high-end hr consulting services for small business in Vietnam.

With unwavering commitment and a clear mission, S4B aims to serve as a reliable link between businesses and top-notch human resources. Through our website,, we pledge to contribute to the business community by addressing staffing service challenges in the midst of economic crises. S4B strives to be a solid bridge, facilitating the connection between enterprises and the high-quality talent they seek.

2.  Advantages of utilizing our staffing service

2.1 Reducing Cost, cost and a lot of cost

2.1.1 Mission is always possible when outsourcing

There are many different reasons for businesses to outsource their services. The common view when companies using outsourced services is a more professional supplier, ensuring smooth operations according to the company’s needs. Besides, they do not have to go through “hard time” when non-specialist incidents occur. In order for the outsourced service to be maintained well, the outsourced service provider must regularly update its specialized knowledge, skills and experience; change or rotate personnel to suit the requirements of the user unit. These things can easily be done when outsourcing but will be “mission impossible” if the unit is self-operated, and the cost can be even higher.

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Outsourcing is a best strategy to reduce cost for small business

2.1.2 Real Number and Statistics in Vietnam

In fact, outsourcing activities have appeared in Vietnam for the past few years, but according to a survey by market research company IDC, in 2007 only about 17% of businesses used staffing agency. Currently, the percentage of businesses that regularly use outsourced services has not been accurately calculated, but according to an economic expert, it probably does not exceed 20%.

For example, the Enterprise is hiring a C&B specialist and the salary to pay for this specialist is up to 1,000 USD per month. But in fact, the Enterprise has to bear the cost burden of up to 1,720.5 USD because, in addition to the salary of 1,000 USD, the Enterprise must pay many other costs such as: Bonuses, allowances, travel allowances, insurance as well as expenses, premises, cost of office equipment..

2.2 Risk Security is an important thing to business

On the other hand, the use of outsourced staffing solution services also helps businesses solve many challenges such as: Information leakage, confidentiality, working with relevant authorities to solve problems. deciding on the paperwork, especially the stability of human resources, avoiding the common shortage of people internally leading to the stagnation of human resource activities… Thereby, human resource managers were able to spend more time focusing on strategic business plans to increase competitiveness in the market

For example, in the past few years, many SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) have also prioritized the use of outsourced staffing agency jobs such as: Payroll administration, performing all other related administrative procedures and ensuring the maintenance of company operation in Vietnam. With the use of these outsourced services, business was able to centralize unified cost and information management at headquarter for all operations in Vietnam, greatly reducing costs (tangible and intangible costs) compared to having to recruit a number of staff in charge of staffing solution and Internal Administration to perform related work, but the results achieved were not as quick and professional as staffing company.


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