Payroll administration is referred to as all the tasks required for the organization of employees’ compensation for their working time. This involves keeping track of total hours worked by staff, payment rate and managing of employees’ payment. Due to the widespread of commission system to boost business performance and productivity, a dedicated payroll administrator is necessary to insure precise payroll management service for all staff.

For some small business or start-ups, the work of payroll administration may be performed by the business owners themselves due to the small number of employees. In modern day, to replace many complicated tasks done on paper, many payroll administration soft wares have been introduced to facilitate the tracking of payroll issues and payment records. Using software can make issuing paycheck easier, thus helping company leaders to keep an eye on the sum of payment. In additions, software can also prove its usefulness in controlling deposit payments and managing the accounts used for funding payments.

For businesses of small size, it is not a big deal to check payment for only a few staff. However, as the business grow, the number of employees also rises, requiring more time devoted to managing payroll. An experienced accountant is crucial to ensure that the staff receive the correct amount of money for each payment period, along with preventing accounting errors. As a payroll administrator, he or she is also responsible for ensuring payment are delivered on time.

One key thing to note is that the job of managing payroll must also calculate and ensure that payroll taxes are correctly deducted from the salary of staff. This process requires in-depth experience and expertise on accounting. Therefore, outsourcing this task to a credible accounting agency like S4B a is a reasonable solution for a small business owner. With a team of specialists experienced in managing payroll matters, we can help you to prevent unwanted issues involving tax deduction, tax exemption and direct deposit. This is of great importance because errors in taxes reaction can lead to future serious complications for SMEs. We understand that payroll management task should be carried out as effectively and efficiently as possible by delivering the best services you can find on accounting and financial market.

At S4B Vietnam, the payroll administrator assigned to your company’s account will make sure that the payroll policy of your business comply with the current employment and tax law in the country. Other factors such as overtime, holiday pay, pregnant policies are carefully advised to HR managers, promptly informing of latest payroll changes.

To summary, payroll is one of the key business matter that only gets bigger as the business grows. Many organizations have turned to the option of having payroll administration done externally. In this case, the full confidentially must be placed at top 1. Therefore, it is essential to outsource this important role to a well-known, credible agency like S4B Vietnam. Our in-depth knowledge and on-going training will help you stop spending time worrying about payroll and start spending time growing your business.