The process of implementing and deploying the Payroll Administration

Payroll calculation is the basic job of every business. However, for small and medium-sized businesses, calculating salary often causes risks, challenges and time-consuming inspection by management. When most foreign enterprises first operate in Vietnam, the compliance and implementation of administrative and personnel procedures for domestic and foreign employees takes a lot of time and resources. Even with full and timely implementation of administrative human resource procedures of the enterprise, some businesses are still not able to do the details of the work accurately, causing increasing unnecessary costs due to incorrect calculations of the required numbers to be submitted to the local regulatory authority.

Although some small and medium enterprises may recruit one HR specialist to specialize in payroll monthly report, payroll services from reputable HR service providers still bring many benefits to business in Vietnam. In this article, we will get to know more about the full process of payroll processing companies at their best.

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Payroll providers are highly recommended solution for business

1. Payroll providers are safe solution for business

1.1 Increase security and data safety

There are quite a few risks when employees of an enterprise calculate their own salary. For example, there are many cases of carelessness that lead to the leakage of personal information of employees, or there are also cases of falsifying records for personal gain, benevolent or embezzled. Relatively speaking, outsourced payroll providers and payroll administration is safer because S4B uses a dedicated server system located in a dedicated data center with a daily backup solution to store data, prevent business data from being stolen.

1.2 Ensure Compliance with applicable labor laws

When establishing a representative office in Vietnam, most of the leaders of enterprises are not familiar with the provisions of the current Vietnamese Labor Law and not all employees are experts in complex fields such as complexity of regulations on tax, or the use of government labor. Payroll outsourcing services – S4B will help businesses with newly established representative offices in Vietnam fulfill their obligations under the law when employing workers in Vietnam, avoiding businesses from making mistakes that lead to violations and being punished costly as well as other legal liabilities.

2. The process of implementing and deploying the Payroll Management service

2.1 Request a consultation

S4Bs services have captured the interest of customers who reach out via emails, messages, and calls seeking service advice. Our dedicated HR consulting team promptly engages with these inquiries. To provide tailored solutions, our payroll administration service team initiates a comprehensive survey to gather information on factors such as company size, personnel count, remuneration policies, and more. Based on these insights, we collaboratively determine the most suitable service package for each client’s unique needs.

2.2 Exchange, contract signing (can be done remotely), perform service provision

2.2.1 Your business arranges to meet, exchange and sign a contract with S4B

S4B’s consulting team and experts in payroll service company will quickly deploy the parts/items in the contract, including collecting documents and information about the salary payment mechanism in accordance with the Labor Law.. In case your business still does not have a clear mechanism on reward policy, salary scale.. We will advise on specific calculation methods for your business to deploy to suit the type, process, human resources and salary budge.

Our payroll providers will perform the calculation, provide a suitable payroll framework (if the enterprise does not have a salary scale) or calculate a sample salary sheet for businesses to refer to and consider.
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End-to-end payroll service brings tremendous benefits for business

>>>Staffing and human resource management

2.2.2 Perform service provision and monitor work progress

Upon approval of the salary plan by the company’s leadership, S4B’s payroll companies team and experts promptly initiate the deployment of payroll services. This involves applying the approved payment structure to ensure timely and accurate monthly salary disbursement for the company’s employees.

In addition to handling payroll management and ensuring on-time payments, payroll outsourcing companies – S4B is committed to optimizing costs related to the salary fund. Our team provides consulting solutions and implements appropriate measures to minimize expenses for the business.

To maintain a strong partnership, S4B encourages regular meetings and discussions with your business on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. These sessions serve to evaluate work efficiency, address any concerns, and plan for future collaboration. Contract renewal is also discussed during these meetings.

We understand the importance of efficiency and responsiveness. Therefore, S4B strives to ensure a streamlined process. The entire timeline, from receiving inquiries and providing consultation to signing contracts and delivering sample payrolls, does not exceed five working days.

By choosing S4B, you can rely on our prompt and reliable payroll consultant while enjoying cost optimization and continuous support through regular evaluations and meetings.

3. Which businesses should use Payroll Agency service?

Payroll Management services are beneficial for several types of businesses, including:

3.1 Newly established businesses

Companies that are in their early stages and lack extensive experience in management and operations can greatly benefit from payroll consultant service.

3.2 Small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

It is not necessary for SMEs to maintain a cumbersome personnel department. Instead, they can save a lot of cost with payroll processing companies. The cost to hire 1 HR manager and 2 affiliated employees will be much higher if outsourced to a professional payroll service provider.

3.3 Large enterprises, big corporations

Large businesses with a substantial number of employees usually pose challenges for their administrative and human resources departments. Outsourcing payroll staffing functions allows these enterprises to handle the complex task of calculating and disbursing salaries for a significant workforce, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and timely payments.

By utilizing payroll outsourcing services, businesses of all sizes can optimize their payroll processes, minimize errors, and ensure legal compliance, ultimately freeing up valuable time and resources for other critical business activities.

If you have any questions regarding payroll administration service, please contact S4B Vietnam for detailed answers!


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