Why you should use the accounting service?

In modern life, there are more and more company which provide product and service in order to satisfy the increasing demand  of customer including both individual and organization. In financing field, there were lot of problems that a company have to face with and one of the most effective way for them is to choose an accounting service.

What are the advantages of accounting service?

We all know that accounting plays an important and vital role in business field and it is one of  the most important think to help business run successfully. If you are owner of a business, you will know that we do not have enough time to cover all business activities although all business activities is equally important. Accounting is just one business activities but manage accounting work is important and it help the owner of company run his business effectively.

Therefore, the owner have to establish an accounting department and hire people in charge of accounting to work for him. However, the owner of business have another choice is that he choose a firm providing accounting service. It is a good choice because you can see  lots of advantage of using an accounting service. Firstly, this service ensures a high level of accuracy because the hired firm is an organization professionally in doing accounting work. Secondly, using an service helps company avoid tax penalties. During tax season, if your company is not careful in accounting record, it will lead to the imposing of penalties on your company and this will be cleared if your company using an accounting service. Beside, your company also saves money because company no more need to prove personal specification thing such as life insurance, leaves, holidays … There are a lot of advantage that you will get if using an accounting service so we think that you should study some other service.

Other available services

To satisfy a variety of client’s demands, S4B offer a number of services even including tailored accountancy proposal on a fixed fee basis. In short, their range of services include: set up works for company newly established, accounting services, tax compliance services, statutory filings and non-tax compliance services and human resources solutions. Particularly, for SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) and startups, S4B has gradually become their partner who help to save significant costs during difficult first years of operations.

They also help them with tax code registration, payment method registration, establishing accounting systems under VAS and so on. With Accounting services, they provide those companies with monthly bookkeeping services, payment assistance services, Financial Statements preparation complying with VAS. In sector of Tax compliance services, S4B always keep update the latest taxation laws in Vietnam and provide timely warnings and guidance on this, such as, compulsory insurances administration, assist in obtaining work permit fore expatriates.

Specially, S4B also can help you to solve problems on human resource (HR) by giving consultancy service in some areas like Labor Outsourcing service, Payroll administration, Staffing Solution and others. It is a commitment that S4B’s solutions are highly-customized, ensuring fit you own needs and delivery day-to-day benefits to your business.


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